members only monday

I have decided to start a new series deemed “Members Only Monday.”  Each week I am going to feature a company that only allows their “members” access to exclusive events, sales, and prices.  Which quite literally means – sign up with your email address and password and now you are apart of the club.  Most of you are aware of these sites which include Gilt Groupe, Hautelook, Rue La La, etc – and you may already be members.  If you are unfamiliar, these sites categorize their sales by “events” which offer sale prices for a certain designer, product, or collection of goodies.  I have really become addicted to these members only sites because you can find great deals and discover new designers and products.

This week I am featuring Uncovet which offers “awesome design-centric products for the style addict.”  I love Uncovet because you can find really unique products that can range anywhere from an awesome piece of jewelry, to Italian coasters, to a vintage sweater.  You really never know what you are going to get when you visit Uncovet, but I can assure you it is going to be something great.  Here are my picks from today’s sales.

In order to view these products, you must become a member at

thanksgiving get up’s

Now that all the craziness of Halloween and the election has passed, it is time to focus on one thing – THANKSGIVING!  Turkey Day is only a few weeks away and once it comes you will be in a holiday whirlwind, so you better start getting your looks (and recipes) together now.  I am going to like 5 Thanksgivings this year – one of which includes “Friends-giving,” that my little babe Caroline invented.  We are all going to get together and enjoy leftovers and cocktails and be thankful for each others company – it is going to be GRAND!  Anyway, I have some photos that are going to get you REALLY excited for Thanksgiving, if you aren’t already.  Loving these Fall looks and can NOT wait to put a few together for all of the Thanks that I am going to be giving…

exercise your right to look fab

Today is Election Day!

You should be exercising your right to vote today!  You should also be exercising your right to look fab-u-lahz while doing it (you have that right everyday).  So whether you are voting for Obama, Mittens, or one of those other little babes – show support for your country by sporting the red, white, and blue!  And also by shouting USA! USA! USA! in random public places like Starbucks or Panera.  Perhaps I should have only picked items from American designers, but I didn’t think of that until afterwards.  GO OUT AND VOTE!!

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baltimore birthday babes

I am turning 25 tomorrow.  I was originally going to spend my weekend in New Jersey with family and friends and then go into New York City and have a fabulous dinner and night out on the town.  However, since Sandy has ruined the East Coast, I am going to celebrate my coming of age with all of my Baltimore babes – not a bad alternative!  I was having a birthday inspiration moment that I have decided to share with all of you.  Overall, I feel very lucky to have such ahmazing family and friends to share my life with.  Especially with all of the disaster drama that is happening, it makes you realize what is most important in your life.  Have a great weekend everyone!

the jetty life: help rebuild LBI

Jetty is a company that was founded in 2003 on Long Beach Island, NJ – one of the main areas severely affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Jetty is a “grassroots effort with a special touch of garage must and dust.”  They “design and print one-of-a-kind apparel, using an Eco-friendly, water-based ink system to minimize environmental impact.”  The company was formed “with the intention of supporting athletes, motivating the next-generation & spreading positive energy.”

To me, Jetty represents a way of life that many of us who grew up near the ocean hold very close to our hearts.  This devastating storm has threatened that way of life and now the community must come together to restore our home.

In an effort to aid those suffering from Hurricane Sandy, Jetty has designed a relief t-shirt which will allow us to UNITE & REBUILD!  All profits from the sales of this custom, Jetty t-shirt will go to victims of the storm who are in direct need of assistance as well as the emergency response units who risked their lives to save others.

You can purchase this shirt here for only $20!  Every little bit helps!

happy halloween

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween – especially my family and friends in Long Beach Island, NJ who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy – that awful witch!  Many on the East Coast have been severely affected by the storm and are left with damaged homes, businesses, and lots of work to do before their lives can return to normal.  Every little bit helps and if you would like to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, you can donate to the American Red Cross here.

mascara maniac

Everyone always asks the question, “if you could only own one beauty product, what would it be?”  My answer is and always will be MASCARA!  I literally will not leave my house if I don’t have mascara on, unless it is on fire.  Since mascara is such a statement item for me, I wanted to share some of my favorite brands and application tips.

When applying mascara, you should always use an eyelash curler.  One of my favorite little tricks is to take your hair dryer and blow some warm air on the eyelash curler for about 5-7 seconds – then curl your lashes.  This will give you a bigger, longer lasting curl, and will take your lashes to the next level.

Another application technique is not to pump your brush in and out of the tube of mascara.  Sometimes it is a natural tendency to do this when applying, but it can actually create clumping and may ruin the brush.  If you want to get as much mileage as possible out of your mascara, you will keep the pumping to … other areas in your life.  Oh … dirty.

It is important to choose the right mascara(s) and switch it up often.  It is easy to find a mascara you love and want to stick with it – but I have found that lashes “get used to” or “stop working” with a product that gets overused (much like with hair products).  There are dozens of great brands that offer the benefits that you are looking for – volumizing, curling, lengthening, waterproof, etc – so it is easy to rotate between your favorite brands or try out new ones.

I am kind of a freak with mascara so I always have at least two different kinds in my make up bag at all times and more often than not, I use both at once.  It is just a personal preference of mine and I usually get great results.  Here are a few of my favorites (I have a Dior obsession) which you can find all of here.

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I am turning 25 years old this weekend which seems real cray to me because I still envision myself as a little babe and that is just not true anymore.  25 means real life adult and that thought just may spiral me into a quarter life crisis.  Or maybe I will have a positive outlook on the situation and hope that the next 25 years of my life will be as ahmazing as the first 25!  Okay yes, I will do that.  And I will also share my birthday wish list which includes some real statement items.  Statement birthdays call for statements gifts which is why I may own my first pair of Louboutins this weekend!  A girl can dream…

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